Benq trevolo review

Benq trevolo review

BenQ TreVolo deals. If the treVolo isn't the best Bluetooth speaker you've ever heard, says their website, you can send it back for a full refund. As the treVolo’s electrostatic drivers are smaller than our hands, we are rather dubious. Buy BenQ treVolo Wireless Bluetooth Portable Electrostatic Speaker -Black Best Sound Experience in Jazz Pop Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. BenQ's unique treVolo S claims to be the world's smallest Bluetooth speaker that features electrostatic speaker technology.
  • The BenQ Trevolo S is a portable Bluetooth speaker with unusual tech inside. The BenQ Trevolo S...
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  • BenQ TreVolo deals. If the treVolo isn't the best Bluetooth speaker you've ever heard, says their website, you can...
  • BenQ treVolo review | What Hi-Fi?

treVolo 2 Appearance

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BenQ TreVolo S Review - A Portable Electrostatic Speaker!

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BenQ Trevolo S Electrostatic Speaker Review & Giveaway Benq trevolo review

: Benq trevolo review

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Benq trevolo review 257

Benq trevolo review -

Physical Characteristics Weight Approximate 1. Now one of the quirks of electrostatic speakers is that they are not as dynamic as cone or horn speakers. I had each of the songs slightly below full volume but I did test full volume and noticed absolutely no distortion whatsoever.

Get the Official GeekDad Books! I would say the bass is the much weaker then bose by a mile, but I don't like too much bass. Electrostatic speakers, because they are low mass, can vibrate extremely quickly and precisely as the audio signal changes.

Would Like To See. If you are looking for a portable, Bluetooth speaker that accurately reproduces music with crisp and amazing highs, and utilizes electrostatic technology typically reserved for high-end speakers, definitely take a listen to the BenQ treVolo S.

Light on Weight Benq trevolo review on Audio Detail Amazingly engineered for incredible audio detail in a surprisingly compact form. The response was similar Benq trevolo review that of the USB, but seemed to wobble around the general trend line in the HF, but was smooth in the bass, whereas the USB bass wobbled around the trend.

Oh, and by the way, all of those space movies and TV shows are breaking the laws of physics since space is airless and sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum — that explosion you hear in the Benq trevolo review I have long been a fan of electrostatic speakers, and despite its small size, this speaker delivers the same sense of presence, and the amazing high range and crisp Benq trevolo review I expect from ES technology.

Listening to music on the treVolo S is a surprising experience.

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  1. The TreVolo 2 from BenQ is a Bluetooth speaker aimed at audiophiles, and is the first in its class to use electrostatic technology, but can it deliver performance to match its price point?

  2. When the company announced their first portable speaker, the very ambitious treVolo, it was quite a shock.

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