Icemule cooler pro

Icemule cooler pro

Pack-ability and portability are really what makes a soft cooler stand out. The Ice Mule Pro brings all these features together into one easily. There are currently three different models of Ice Mule coolers in production: the IceMule Classic, the IceMule Pro, and the IceMule Pro Catch. In this Icemule. This is it, the entry-level ICEMULE Pro™ backpack cooler, clocking in at 23 liters of beer haulin', ice-keeping performance. The Large Pro can easily load up with.

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While full, the Mule Pro was a breeze to carry and the padded shoulder straps and ventilated back panel made longer hikes comfortable and easy. Small , Medium , and Large. Strictly considering cooler bags, then, we can confidently say that Ice Mule Coolers represent the pinnacle of soft cooler design, innovation, construction, and performance.

Asking prices for all of this do creep up, however. Then there is the overall design of the cooler itself. And while soft coolers never have the warranty length of a hard-sided cooler, we were still hoping for at least a 1-year warranty. The Icemule Pro and particularly the Icemule Boss Cooler Bag upgrade the looks some by including bungee cords and pockets to offset the plain appearance of the Classic Series.

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Ice Mule Filled To Capacity Ice Challenge, Soft Sided Cooler Test, Kayak Coolers & Backpack Coolers

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Ice Mule Ice Challenge, Set Amount of Ice, Soft Sided Cooler Bag Challenge Vs Polar Bear Coolers

The Pro Catch comes in three different sizes: To be a Top Pick Winner, a product needs to excel for a specific application. And when you are ready to use it again, simply unroll it, fill it with air for added ice performanceand get to enjoying your next outdoor adventure! In addition to their line of coolers, IceMule has also got a few different handy accessories to play around with, that actually act as functional little additions to the bags themselves.

The IceMule Classic cooler is the original, simple, bare-bones design. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have also spoken to Icemule cooler pro that absolutely Icemule cooler pro the look.

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  1. Icemule is a relatively new cooler company based out of Florida that is attempting to turn the cooler industry on its head with their unique lineup of products.

  2. Strictly considering cooler bags, then, we can confidently say that Ice Mule Coolers represent the pinnacle of soft cooler design, innovation, construction, and performance.

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