Animal jam the hive hard mode prizes

Animal jam the hive hard mode prizes

Now the prizes for HARD mode are: TOP LEFT is 1, GEMS, TOP MIDDLE is LIGHT UP CRYSTAL, TOP RIGHT is 1, GEMS, BOTTOM. Prizes: Hard Mode. Alpha: Cosmo. Level: 4. Players: Members Only. Passages: Elephant, Horse. Description: Go through the dense caves underground Jamaa!. The Hard mode of this Adventure was released on October 10, The Hive was The player can then select a prize and exit through the portal. There are two animal passages in the Hive, an elephant passage, and a horse passage.

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Animal Jam: The Hive Hard Mode Prizes

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Animal jam the hive hard mode prizes

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  1. Always carry a torch and boomseeds with you, so the player is not caught off guard by phantoms.

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